Investigation of electrospray stability


Investigation of electrospray stability with dynamic liquid flow splitter

A.N. Arseniev, N.V. Krasnov, M.Z. Muradymov

The article gives the results of research of electrospray stability with the use of a dynamic splitting of a flow in the spray area under normal conditions. As an eluent, acidified water–acetonitrile solution (1:1) was used. Experimental results for the used configuration of electrospray junction with a coaxial selection of fluid excess as a steam-gas mixture taken out of the dispersion area (meniscus fluid on the butt-end of a capillary) in the compass of a fluid flow along the capillary from 50 up to 200 ml min–1 showed more stable relation of an atomized solution flow in comparison with a mode without use of a dynamic splitting of an atomized fluid flow.