Editorial board


Lebedev A.T. Dr.Sci 
Chemistry Department of the M.V.Lomonosov
Moscow State University, Professor

Editorial Board

Borisov R.S., PhD 
Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical
Synthesis RAS, Senior Research Scientist

Brodskiy E.S, Dr.Sci, Associate Professor 
A.N.Severtzov Institute of Ecology
and Evolution , Head of Laboratory 

Virus E.D., PhD
Institute of General Pathology
and Pathophysiology, Leading research scientist

Gorshkov M.V., PhD
Institute for Energy Problems
of Chemical Physics RAS, Head of Laboratory

Zenkevich I.G. , Dr.Sci, Professor        
St. Petersburg State University,
Institute for chemistry, Professor

Zubarev R.A., PhD
Karolinska Institute, Professor
(Stockholm, Sweden), Head of Department

Makarov А.А., Ph.D. 
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Bremen, Germany),
Director of Global Research

for Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

Markov V.Yu., Dr.Sci, Docent
Chemistry Department, M.V. Lomonosov
Moscow State University,

Leading researcher

Mikaia A.I., Dr.Sci
National Institute of Standards and Technology
(Gaithersburg, USA) Chief Evaluator

Samgina T.Yu.,PhD 
Moscow M.V.Lomonosov State University
Organic Chemistry Department,
Senior Researcher

Samsonov D.P., PhD 
“Research and Production Association “Typhoon”,
Head of Laboratory GC/MS of the analysis

Surin A.K., PhD
Institute of Protein Research RAS, Scientific worker

Sysoev А.А., Dr.Sci.,Professor 
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI,

Tsybin O.Yu., Dr.Sci., Professor
Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University,

Costello Catherine E., PhD, professor 
Boston University School of Medicine,
(Boston, USA), Professor,
of the Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry

Zenobi Renato, professor, PhD 
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
of the Swiss Federal Institute

of Technology (ETH)
(Zurich. Switzerland), Professor

Laskin Julia, PhD    
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
(Richland, USA), Fellow

Contact data:

tel./fax +7(495) 939 14 07, (+7495) 954 22 69
e-mail: vmso@yandex.ru