Comparison of chlorine and sodium hypochlorite activity


Comparison of chlorine and sodium hypochlorite activity in chlorination
of structural fragments of humic matter in water with the aid of GC/MS

N.A. Sinikova, G.M. Shaydullina, A.T. Lebedev

The possibility of toxic products formation at the stage of drinking water disinfection by interaction of chlorine and sodium hypochlorite disinfecting agents with model organic compounds being structural fragments of natural humic matter was  investigated using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry . The qualitative and quantitative analysis of water chlorination products of dibenzoylmethane and cinnamic acid by chlorine and sodium hypochlorite was performed at equimolar level, five and fifty fold excess of chlorinating agent. Transformation schemes were proposed for the studied compounds. It was shown that the use of chlorine leads to greater diversity and concentrations of the forming chlorinated products as compared with sodium hypochlorite.