221 Александр Алексеевич Сысоев. К восьмидесятилетию со дня рождения 



223 Косевич Марина Вадимовна. К шестидесятилетию со дня рождения



226 Study of aquatic chlorination of UV-filter avobenzone in the presence
of inorganic salts by gas chromatography combined
with high resolution mass spectrometry

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233 On the correct averaging of the equations of ion motion
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246 Studying of handwritten strokes aging kinetics by
high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry

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254 Controlling the resolution of static mass spectrometers
using intermediate slit diaphragms

A.S. Antonov, A.S. Berdnikov, L.N. Gall, V.D. Sachenko



262 Isomeric effects in collisionally-induced dissociation mass spectra
of β-(1→6)-linked cyclic tetrasaccharides of the Glcp2GlcpN2 composition

A.O. Chizhov, M. L. Gening, O.A. Pinsker, 
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267 Chromatomass-spectrometric determination
of new antiulcer drug in rats blood plasma

K.A. Leonov, D.A. Vishenkova, V.V. Bykov, A.A. Bakibaev



274 Time-of-flight mass spectrometer EMG-40-3 – a new high
sensitivity instrument for on-line analysis of light gases, including tritium

I.I. Pilyugin, V.T. Zhdan, A.V. Kozlovskii